Monday, 12 August 2019

Silver Helms (3)

I went on holiday to North Devon - Porlock and the surrounding area - with my partner, S, and their parents at the end of last week. I took with me the last five Silver Helms and managed to get them finished just in time for the Middlehammer Forum's Tale of X Gamers deadline:

 In the first month I painted:

High Elf Lord on Barded Elven Steed

High Elf Battle Standard Bearer

9 Silver Helms with Full Command

I'm pretty pleased with that. Next up will be 14 High Elf Archers with Full Command, and a Mage.

On another note, while I was on holiday we visited Porlock Weir, and I found some pillboxes:

There was this slightly sunken one, which had been covered in stones taken from the beach as, I think, a form of camouflage. It appeared to be an M.G. bunker but as I couldn't see the front embrasure I'm not sure.

And this more intact one that appeared to have been turned into a storage shed at some point, but it's definitely seen better days - the stove's chimney is broken, the door smashed down.

Exmoor was beautiful. The sea, as always, a wonderful thing to watch.

Painting Points:
Today: 10
This Week: 10
2019: 48

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