Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack!

I started wargaming when I was three, with my Dad, on the floor of our bungalow in Scotland, with Lego ironclads and a simple ruleset - the details are lost in the mists of time, but it involved the little 1x1 round cylinders as hit markers I think. Great fun was had, and I fondly remember the Monitor he made for the game.

Fast forward some 24 years and my friend CH brought my attention to a slightly more sophisticated Lego wargame: Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack.

In essence, you build your own army of between 4-8 'frames' with three 'stations' (objectives) then you go up against other players in a fast-paced game in which the objectives are the main thing and you can lose with a completely intact army.

So here's my offering - Force A, of the New Byzant Militia:

 L-R: 'Kataphrakt' class mobile combat frame, 'Varangian' Type 21 ground-effect tank, 'Hoplite' Type 13 APC. Foreground: 12 man squad carried by the Hoplite with a crew-served support weapon.

 Yellow Platoon, 'Jane's Janissaries' mercenary unit, contracted to the NBM. L: 'Hetman-C' command frame, R'Janissary-E1' recon frame. Infantryman for scale.

 Two 'Mameluk-A' mobile combat frames of the Janissaries, with an NBM infantryman for scale purposes.

The NBM infantry with their three 'stations' - a communications bunker, a civilian satellite uplink station, and a camouflaged pillbox with emplaced weapon. The flags on the right and left are those of the NBM, while the uplink station flies the flag of New Byzant itself.

Oh, I've done some painting too, but I've not got photos of those yet. So hopefully the Lego stuff will suffice for now!