Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Secret Project Revealed, And Other Things

As you may recall, about a month ago I started talking about a secret project. It's a modification of Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game to enable me to fight skirmishes in Westeros, to take part in the War of the Five Kings made famous by the books and TV series of A Song of Ice and Fire. I've started putting together a House Baratheon force led by the minor noble Lord Chulain of Risingsword. Lord Chulain began by siding with Renly, but moved to Stannis once Renly was killed.

So far I've only painted up Lord Chulain and some of his retainers and Sworn Swords, but I have begun to build the rest of his force (and the OpFor, a bunch of Jaime Lannister's men). Here are the painted figures:

From L-R, they are Ser Boros Greenwood, Ser Waldon Banefort, Lord Chulain, Merryweather and Ser Geraint Blondel. Banefort, Chulain and Merryweather and Heroes, while Greenwood and Blondel are Foot Knights and thus simply Warriors.

I have used - and am going to continue to use - the simply splendid Perry Miniatures' Wars of the Roses figures for this project, although I may dabble with Fireforge Games' Templar types. We shall see.

In addition to those sound fellows, I have begun to paint up the playing pieces for the simplified 'Dungeons and Dragons' board game I bought for 50p in a charity shop a few years ago:

L-R: Lawful Good Human Priest of the Green Man, Chaotic Good Halfling(?) Rogue.

Not the best sculpts but they painted up easily and look ten times better now than in bare plastic. I still have Tancred Regdar the Human Fighter and the Elf Mage to do, too.

And I've made a lot of progress on the last few bits of my Righteous Fist force (for now):

The rocket launcher and kneeling scout in the first four pictures were painted last week at work, and complete Scout Squad X of the 10th (Scout) Company, Righteous Fists. I'm currently working on the last two members of Scout Squad XI - I finished the Sergeant today (no pictures as yet).

Demi-Squad VIb of Squad VI, 2nd (Battle) Company, Righteous Fists, and the whole squad. Again painted up during my lunchbreaks in the week before last at work. The Forgeworld rocket launcher and flamer are great, although I did have to cut up the backpack on the rocket launcher chap to get it all to fit vaguely right. Very odd. You'd think they'd've allowed for the exhaust vents. Note that the Squad Leader is wearing a full set of Mk 8 Powered Armour, a real rarity because it is an advancement and development of the much more common Mk 7 suits worn by most Marines in the 41st Millenium.

Flying Wombles from the 1980s! A Rogue-Trader era landspeeder armed with a multi-melta and a melta, not to mention the passenger's boltgun! A tiny little thing that looks flimsy next to the 2nd Edition landspeeder and positively puny next to the 3rd Edition plastic behemoth. Great fun to paint and really just awaiting a big flag for the aerial - like all the Sergeants are, now.

Painting Points: 19
2013 Total: 257 (168x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 10x vehicles, 2x spaceships, 3x 28mm cavalry, 1x flag)


Distractions! It's been over a month since I last posted, and that was a week since the previous one. This is primarily because I have at last started working in a sensible job - I am a supervisor at a new branch of a Famous British Toyshop. On top of that I have been playing a lot of boardgames, particularly A Game Of Thrones 2nd Edition and Munchkin. Fluxx, Pandemic and others have also been dabbled with.

But, of late, I have rediscovered not only my painting mojo but the old pattern of work that led to the creation of this blog in the first place. I paint in my lunch break at work. It's very relaxing and always fun. Here, to whet your appetite, is a picture of some Iron Warriors that I painted just after my last post:

There's more pictures to come but right now I have to go to work.

Painting Points: 3
2013 Painting Points: 238 (154x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 9x vehicles, 2x spaceships, 3x 28mm cavalry, 1x flag)