Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy New Year - At Last!

OK, so two or three months from my last post and I finally return - the problem of a bust laptop having been solved by the semi-permanent loan of a spare one from my delightful other half, S.

In my online absence I have not been idle! I've painted up a full Red Army platoon for Chain of Command  by Too Fat Lardies, circa 1942. I've not used the army list given in the back of the Chain of Command rulebook because I've found a TO&E for the 1942 RKKA infantry platoon which gives me a full-strength (more on this later) platoon that looks like this:

Lieutenant with Tokarev pistol
Platoon Sergeant with PPSH
Two runners with rifles

Three Squads, each of:
6 Riflemen with PPSH or Moisin-Nagant rifles,
2-man Degtyaryov LMG team.

I've also painted up a Commissar and a medic, mainly because the figures are in the Plastic Soldier Company box.

Waiting to be undercoated and painted are a 50mm mortar team, an 80mm mortar team, two PTRD anti-tank rifle teams, and a couple of Maxims (although I don't have anything like the five! men for each Maxim that Chain of Command suggests).

I have done some brief internet research on the nature of both RKKA and Heer platoons in 1942, and come up with some sensible TO&Es. I intend to construct two full-strength platoons and play out a campaign, seeing what happens to them as losses mount and so on. I'm not sure whether to have the Axis platoon as men from the Spanish 'Blue Division' or from the 'Wiking' W-SS Panzer Division.

And, yes, I know, there are no pictures. I can't find my data cable. But there will be some, soon, I promise! At least I have returned...