Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Parting Is Sweet Sorrow

As you know, fine readers, yesterday I said that I would be consolidating my collection of toy soldiers by, well, selling a lot of them off.

I intend to (re)focus my collection largely on skirmish games, as they a) usually require less figures, and b) are more fun, I find. So with that in mind, I sat and thought about what I will be disposing of, and what I'll be keeping.

I will be selling off most of my bizzare and eclectic collection of Warhammer stuff, with the exception of my Undead (and associated army books), and figures that I have an attachment to - like my Dwarfs, for example, or my Oxenford Bretonnians. I can justify this with reference to Mordheim (hurrah) and Song of Blades and Heroes.

Equally, whilst I will be parting with my Pirate crew, I will be retaining my armed SF/near-future civilian mob for use in Gangs of Mega-City 1 (most likely as Total War terrorists and the like). The gist of it all is this:

Out go the armies and forces that I haven't used in years, if ever, and in come (or stay) the skirmish warbands, gangs, and platoons that I have and will use in the future. I have, of course, one eye on my son - it is an inevitability that I will end up playing wargames with him relatively soon, and  I want to have something in every scale that I can pick up and run with - and another on my father, with whom a wargame is seriously overdue and to whom my VBCW stuff is going.

I am actually quite excited, and am raring to dive into my shed and my parent's loft to "rationalise and downsize my assets" - keep an eye on here, the Lead Adventure Forum, the Forum of Doom, the Gentleman's Wargames Parlour, Warseer, and - of course - ATP Painting Studio for sales in the near future.

To the bright new dawn and the end of Rabid Butterfly Syndrome!

Oh, and to maintain the picture-per-update ratio, have some Dark Eldar:

Photobucket PS: I forgot about the Gran Chaco War - if I can ever get hold of 'Green Hell' I will take the plunge and do it in 15mm. Mainly to annoy my friend who lives in Bolivia by reminding him of Paraguay's great victory!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Good Grief, Charlie Brown, an update!

Good lord the interface on this webular doohickey has changed.

Anyway that's besides the point! I have been concentrating (rightly so) on my business, ATP Painting Studio, of late, which is why I have not updated in almost two months. The reason I'm updating tonight is twofold:

1) I intend to return to daily updates as of tonight.

2) I am coming down VERY HARD on my excess of enthusiasm for multiple projects, with the intention of selling off a large part of my model soldier collection via ATP Painting Studio's shop. So,to that end, here is a list of projects that I will be continuing with:

Epic 40,000

AK-47 Republic (1st Edition)

Cold War Gone Hot/Ultra-Modern Imagi-Nations

Seven Years War Imagi-Nations

Judge Dredd: Gangs of Mega-City 1
Warhammer 40,000
Mordheim/Song Of Blades and Heroes
Inquisitor/Dark Heresy

And that's it. So I will be getting rid of: Pirates, VBCW, Chinese Warlord, Vietnam War, Ancients (yes I have some!), all my SF stuff that isn't compatible with either my GoMC1 stuff or my 40K stuff. All of this - except possibly the VBCW stuff - will be sold off via my business at ATP Painting Studio. To keep you entertained, I attach some pictures of my Dark Eldar that I have resurrected: Photobucket Photobucket

And there will be more tomorrow! If you want to see what I've been up to between September and now, check out ATP Painting Studio.