Friday, 29 April 2011

Aetherspace Connection Established: Void-Tansference Initiated

Or, in other words, I have internet access at home for the first time since December last year. Hurray!

In painting and modelling news, I have finished Da Ard Nutz and am currently working on a (very large) commission for a chap who appears to have decided to want to collect a couple of 1:1 ratio Roman Legions. Cue about a thousand or so 28mm Ancients to paint...!

GorkaMorka and the Gran Chaco War continue to infest my mind, so much so that I have declared an intention to run a GorkaMorka campaign at my local club, and am trying to save enough to purchase a second hand copy of Arthur English's Green Hell.

Now, before I bore you all with too many words, I will sign off and not return until I bring back photographs of Da Ard Nutz and some various other things I've painted since my hiatus began last year. Hopefully that'll be tonight or tomorrow morning.

Onwards - the future awaits!

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Hail, devoted fans and fellow lunatics!

Recently I have been (re)inspired by that classic Games Workshop 'specialist' game: GORKAMORKA. A true fusion of brilliant games design, madness and comedy, Gorkamorka pits gangs of Orks, Grots, 'Oomie skum and Mutie terrors against each other on the blasted desert world of Angelis in the far distant and violent future.

It was the second Games Workshop game I played, in GW Oxford in the heady summer of 1997, aged 10. I had an absolute blast pushing my (then) Morka trukk around and yelling "DAKKA DAKKA" at the top of my lungs. My friend Tais and I also spent several weeks pretending we were the driver and gunner of a trukk, running about shouting things like "Oh no! We skid!" and crashing into walls, trees, each other, and parked cars.

So, in the spirit of my yoof, I bought a box of Grots and dug out some spare Orks, and am now in the process of painting two mobs: the dangerous and fearsome Grot Revolooshunaries 'Da Green Menace' and the well 'ard Gorka headcases known as 'Da Ard Nuts' because they wear helmets.

Now all I need are some vehicles... expect pictures of both Grots and Gorkas in the coming week.
Oh, and before I sign off, if you're interested in kikkin' 'eadz an' applyin' sum boot levva, try these links:

The Rulebook
The Other Book (mob lists, campaign rules etc)
The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Foot, Meet Mouth

Me and my big mouth! "Back to daily updates yadda yadda" or not, as the case may be.

So, with a slight hiatus, I have not a lot to report: the Gran Chaco War idea has been gathering steam, and merely awaits the deployment of funds.

I had a good game of 40K 5th Edition with my mate A who used to live next door until we moved (again): his Blood Angels Successors against my Karaoudjani Kataphraktoi Veterans using one of the Battle Mission missions. I took four squads of 10 veterans in carapace armour, a Demolisher, and a Company Command Squad. He had a 'Death Star' unit of 10 Assault Marines led by a Reclusiarch, a Tac Squad in Rhino, a Predator Annihilator and a Combat Squadded Dev Squad. His 'Death Star' unit killed 27 figures all by itself for 9 casualties in return, mostly caused by shooting.

We're going to have a rematch - I'm thinking of fielding either a lot more armour, or a lot more infantry!

That's it for now, but the day is rapidly approaching when I'll be able to post pictures again. Onwards, to the new tomorrow!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Good Lord! Signs Of Life, Doctor!

Greetings! Well, with my last post occuring in August 2010, you'd be forgiven for thinking me dead, possessed, or otherwise out of action.

In reality, all that happened was that life put toy soldiers on the back burner for quite a while. I have been doing various bits and pieces, not least of which has been Dark Eldar related (more on those in another blog post). However, due to cashflow issues and time demand/supply - e.g. I demand x hours but am supplied with y hours instead, a highly unsatisfactory situation - I haven't been able to post about anything I've done for quite a while.

To give you all a brief update, I've been thinking long and hard about consolidating and cataloguing my array of projects and figures before I launch into any more. Note I said 'thinking', not 'doing', as while I was engaged in this Khurasan Miniatures had the gumption to release 15mm Gran Chaco War figures. Together with Peter Pig Assault Guards, QRF Vickers Type A and Type B models and Old Glory's Vickers Carden-Lloyd mk VI tankettes, a pleasantly sized Bolivian force can be easily built; the Paraguyans will need to comprise large numbers of the very nice Khurasan figures for now.

Anyway, I suppose what I'm getting at in this short and rather rambling post is that I'M BACK and daily updates will resume once again. Pictures will start coming back towards the end of the month, once I get my laptop back from the repair shop and once Sky connect the house to the interwebulatron.

In the meantime, I will be boring (or intriguing) you all with tales of my various projects and my need/want list(s). I trust you'll stick around, or at least come back for pictures...!

For now, I'm off back to work to try and fund some Khurasan purchases in the near future.