Sunday, 1 May 2011

My First Army List

Having yesterday completed the task (well, almost) of moving my stuff from my parent's house to my own, a mere six years after leaving there, I was rummaging through papers and found a small notebook marked 'IMPERIAL CODEX' in my own handwriting. Intrigued, I flipped it open and found an army list dated 15/12/97 (for the hard of counting, that's over 13 years ago) and entitled ULTRAMARINES Army List. It laid out, in my then 11 year-old self's childish handwriting, my ideal 2nd Edition Warhammer 40,000 Ultramarine army. I will reproduce it here for your delight, complete with spellnig erors.

1 squad of terminators. (seargent is V. and has 'Photon Searchlight') trooper 2 has 'Auto Launcher with Frag G.' and 'Plasma Blaster') P.T.S. Value: (inc wargear): 356

1 close combat tactical squad in rhino (saergent is V.) P.T.S Value (inc Rhino and V.S.): 355

1 Techmarine. ('Servo Arm') P.T.S. Value (inc. servo arm): 43

1 Tactical squad (1 trooper is a dev., other is spec.) P.T.S. Value: 300

1 Scout Squad (S. is vetran + infiltrate rules) PT.S. value (inc. V.S): 105

1 Captain (second co., Army Commander) P.T.S. Value: 96

1 Landspeeder. P.T.S. Value: 145

1 Bike Squad (S. is V. + 1 Attack Bike) P.T.S. Value (inc. V.S. + Attack Bike): 298

TOTAL P.T.S. Value: 1698

This is followed by a more detailed and expanded army list for the same lot, this time with names and extra characters, dated 26/12/97. It is this force that I am currently replicating with modern models painted in the style of 2nd Edition and, in keeping with the way I painted back then, to the best of my ability. At the moment I have the Captain, 2 of the 5 Terminators, the Scout Squad, and a Tac Squad. I still need a Rhino, Bike Squad, another Tac Squad, a Landspeeder, Command Squad, Librarian... a few figures!

Right, now I'm off to paint Romans by the dozen for money. Ta-ra for now, chaps and chapettes!

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