Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Weekly Update?

It's been a week since I last posted. In that time Al Front has finally finished his wargames shed, complete with stove, I became 27, and I have played more games than you can shake a stick at. No wargames though! I played A Game Of Thrones with S, her sister K, and her partner ST (I won as House Stark!), Labyrinth with S, my partner (she won) and Talisman with AC, JC, JY, JS and SB (I won), took part in a Dragon Age pen and paper roleplaying game with AC, MB, SB and S, and narrowly lost as House Lannister in a game of A Game Of Thrones against JS, JY and S.

Character creation - human mage (MB), GM (AC), city elf rogue Widget (SB). Not pictured: Wild elf rogue Schneeki Schnea (S) and Iorek the Shamed (me).

 Victory! House Stark rules the North with the seizure of Flint's Finger from House Greyjoy proving the vital final battle (I'd not long before taken King's Landing, too, so sod King in the North, try King of Westeros!

 Carrot cake lovingly baked by S, with candles lit by JY and I. TOP TIP: don't light birthday cake candles underneath a smoke detector. It won't end quietly.

I've also been busy at work, with lots of deliveries coming in and tasks to complete as Christmas nears. But I haven't neglected the painting, either:

 A Lamenter scout, armed with a needle sniper rifle and high-tech NVGs. Note lack of markings beyond his tactical Chapter Badge. No weather is too foul for the Emperor's servants to destroy His foes!

 The whole squad. I have another sniper squad to paint up for my Lamenters force, which will be fun.

A beautiful figure from the talented hands of Kev White at Hasslefree Miniatures - I've painted her up as an adventuring type for a D&D campaign I've been plotting for ages, where the player party are all Good aligned female characters trying to assassinate an Orc High Chieftan.

Wood elf mage from the Dungeons and Dragons boardgame. This completes the adventuring party (below).

 The brave (foolish) adventurers! L-R: Mage, Fighter, Priest, Rogue.

 More Kev White goodness! This is my take on his Dwarf slayerette, combining both Games Workshop concepts (the orange hair), my own ideas of Dwarf society and ethnicity in my personal little fantasy sandbox world, and Justin's trews.

And another adventuring party! This one is the all-female, all-Good one. L-R: The half-demon fighter, the Elf priestess, the Dwarf barbarian, and the Human mage. All from Hasslefree Miniatures.

And, just to bookend the miniatures: a Lamenter from the Death Company. Death! Fire! Blood and fury! Etcetera. His armour has been repainted in black, the colour of mourning, and marked with the symbolic wounds of Sanguinius. This Marine will surely die, either in action or from his wounds afterwards. They're not known as the Death Company for nothing! Four more of these chaps to do.

Painting Points: 5
2013 Total: 266 (177x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 10x vehicles, 2x spaceships, 3x 28mm cavalry, 1x flag)

I need to pick up speed if I want to average one point a day... Must paint more vehicles!

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