Monday, 30 June 2014

Sisters Of Battle

Following on from the Inquisitorial stuff I did yesterday, I spent much of today fiddling around with the few Sisters of Battle that I have, and doing up the one RHINO that I have for them. Had a fun few minutes converting the meltagun to fit onto the automated turret dome where the other bolter used to sit!

The pig-Latin ('High Gothic') on the driver's armoured box reads 'Fidelis et Furor', which translates - very roughly - as Faith and Fury. Quite fitting for the militant nuns of the Imperium of Humanity's quasi-Catholic gothic space church!

After that, I re-equipped my Canoness with an inferno pistol, as her bolt pistol just isn't purifying enough for the sort of sinners she'll end up fighting. You know, like tanks. Or Dreadnoughts.

Then I rebased and touched up the few Celestians that I've got. I went over to Games Workshop's website to see how much it'd cost to bulk the little force up to a skirmish group and nearly fell off my chair when I realised the figures are now averaging about £5-7 each! eBay it is then...

Speaking of eBay, even more stuff has gone up for sale now, including a Brian Nelson Orc Big 'Un Command Group, a Vampire Counts Corpse Cart, some Dark Eldar and some fully painted Valhallans. Have a shufti!

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