Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Of Houses and Packing Tape

Well, I'm up to my eyeballs in cardboard boxes and packing tape, as I am moving house. Boo and hiss! No, it's actually going to be great - I'll be living above a toyshop that stocks paints and basing material, so that's handy and probably going to be a massive money-sink unless I carefully ration myself. To, say, 99.9% of all my wages.

That seems reasonable, right?



Moving swiftly on! Whilst packing, I had a closer look at the unpainted Necromunda stuff I have lurking in a carrycase. As previously mentioned, it's only 41 figures, and they break down thusly:

1x Wyrd (Telekinetic)
2x Scummers (ex-Goliath, ex-Delaque)
3x Escher (running with shotgun, heavy stubber and Leader pointing with laspistol and bolter)
4x Goliaths (all Juves I think)
9x Ratskins (mostly Braves, a couple of Warriors, and one Shaman)
22x Orlocks (Leader with power axe, heavy bolter, 20 various Gangers and Juves including some conversions, e.g. heavy with grenade launcher).

So I think I'll make them my first priority once we're all unpacked and settled in. I wouldn't expect much in the way of productive painting-style posts for a good couple of weeks - mainly because all my stuff, paint-wise, is now packed up.

The counter to this is that I hope to start regularly gaming against my old foe, Al Front. Once a month if the gods smile upon us! Which will, of course, spur me on to do more daft stuff like finish off my AK-47 armies, start that Lace Wars imagi-nations army I've been banging on about for years now, and so on and so forth.

Exciting times ahead! Stay tuned...

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