Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Something Old, Something New

I've not been entirely idle of late - although most of my 'hobby time' has been eaten into by other demands - and I have painted up an old Rogue Trader era Space Marine Dreadnought for my Righteous Fists, as well as another basic Tactical Marine. So six Painting Points for me. Not great but not terrible either.

Rogue Trader period Dreadnought, from the late 1980s. Probably as old as me. I'm using this as a 'baby' Contemptor Dreadnought as frankly I can't afford anything from Forgeworld, and if I could it would be the Mk 2b Land Raider with the correct door add-on set. This, then, is the Revered and Ancient Brother Klyston, First Captain of the Second and who holds the dubious honour of being the first Dreadnought-interred Righteous Fist.

 Then we have Brother Argades, the newest member of Tactical VI Diokles.

And a WIP Predator Annihilator, again a Rogue Trader period piece from about 1988. This one I picked up from JS and I am EXTREMELY happy with it! The T-54 style turret is just perfect. It does, however, need repainting.

My partner suggests that I paint the Annihilator like a tiger. Thoughts? She reckons there will be a clamour of voices demanding I paint it like Tony the Tiger...

Painting Points: 6
2013 Total: 196 (120x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 8x vehicles, 2x spaceships, 2x 28mm 'cavalry')

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