Saturday, 23 November 2013

Out With The Old... In With The New!

To start with, before I show you pictures of Veteran Brother Sadat, here are some links to the various eBay auctions I have going at the moment:

My 'Pantokrator's Fallen Men' Chaos Space Marine Army - £19.99 starting bid
A regiment of Wood Elf Dryads - £14.99 starting bid
A squad of Chaos Space Marines - £4.99 starting bid
A Shadowforge Dark Elf Blood Bowl team - £9.99 starting bid

Have a look. If you like them, please bid. Hopefully they'll go to a good home.

And now... painted entirely at work:

Veteran Brother Sadat, 10th Squad, Lamenters 1st (Veteran) Company. Carrying a combi-melta and wearing a mix of mk 6 and 7 powered armour suits, Sadat bears a battle honour on his right pauldron and Terminator Honours on his left. The second of five Marines for Veteran Squad Zell.

I am finding painting the checked pattern of the Lamenters' chapter badge a bit of a pain, so I went and asked my local GW manager for some advice. It was given, and it was sound, so I'm going to try it today. Put simply, it was:

Paint the pad white first
Then draw in horizontal black lines
Then draw in vertical lines following the best fit from top to bottom of pad, working from the centre outwards
Then fill in the resulting squares and touch up with white.

I'll give it a go and show you all the results. Hopefully it'll work better than my current method of painting each bloody square!

Painting Points: 1
2013 Total: 287 (197x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 10x vehicles, 2x spaceships, 3x 28mm cavalry, 2x flags)

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