Friday, 22 November 2013

Summary Of A Week

Well, this week I finished another Lamenter (picture tomorrow), got hold of some more black wash to do the rest of the Knights of Justice, picked up some of Games Workshop's Liquid Greenstuff to try and push on with the rescued Rhinos I got to transport the Righteous Fists in, and played some games of Elder Sign with AC.

Elder Sign is a card-based game for 1-8 players in which each player assumes the role of an Investigator trying to stop one of the Elder Gods from appearing and ending the world.

It's fiendish. Very fiendish. As a co-op game you need to work together, and against the clock, while trying hard not to go mad or die. Usually... you'll lose. But not us. Oh no. We defeated four (four!) Elder Gods in one night. In under four hours, no less!

So, some pictures of our heroic efforts:

After defeating our first Elder God of the night, we decide to press on and end the scourge of R'yleh.

 And another one bites the dust! No Investigators dead yet, either, although the previous two did head off to a well-deserved retirement (and I like think that my first character, the Doctor, who frankly had some damn good luck, made off into the night with the foxy witch he defeated shortly before we won the game).

 Three for three - but this time, we lost three brave Investigators putting Yog-Sothoth and its minions down.

 This one went right down to the wire, but some bloody jammy dice rolls on our behalf saved the day. We would have lost if either one of us had had any different dice results in our last turns. This game was notable for the timid looking author going off on an acid trip to R'yleh and defeating it, returning with three Elder Signs and an ally!

It's a great game. Fast-paced, tense, and brilliant artwork. Top hole stuff, give it a try if you can.

In other news, I've also made the first decisions in terms of getting rid of stuff. There's a Chaos Space Marine force going up on eBay tomorrow, and the Karaboudjani Kataphraktoi are going up again as well. If any of my dear readers fancy picking up a fully painted and based infantry company of some 120+ figures and/or a Slaanesh-themed renegade Space Marine army and/or a built-and-undercoated Baneblade... watch for links to the auctions. Cheap presents for Christmas, perhaps? You know you want to!

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