Monday, 15 October 2012

Aharr Me Hearties! Avast Ye... err... Men Of Gondor?

So today has been spent partly in undercoating another 20 Molgravians, partly in working on the soldiers of Hod (update about them tomorrow), a little bit of de-flashing of a regiment of Napoleonic French for a long-running commission, and partly in painting more Corsairs of Umbar:

Not being a Tolkein buff, I have no idea if Middle Earth has an Orient. That notwithstanding, I present the 'Chinese' Xi-Zheng and the 'Viking' Stromnir the Red. Stromnir is more likely to be a Rohirrim or someone of similar descent, of course. I think. Maybe. What the hell, it's my army and I like it!

I got bored of doing plain colours for their clothes so Stromnir has a fetching flowery pattern on his one-piece baggy pirate clothes. Tease him and he'll shove his boarding pike through your face. 

Olley Painting Points:
This Week: 2
October Total: 19
2012 Total: 64

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