Saturday, 13 October 2012

Molgravia Arise!

Tonight I finished the first 12 figures of the Molgravian Liebgarde zu Fuss, my birthday present. I also did another Corsair (I want to try and churn out at least one Corsair a day):

'Big Zuma' - the second of my Corsairs of Umbar. I have decided to do this motley crew of cut-throats and ne'er do wells as a whole bunch of mixed ethnicities because a) I like doing that and b) it makes sense to me to have them like that. I will throw in a blond or two as well.

 And now onto the main attraction for this post: the Molgravian army (slowly) emerges!

The colour party - standard, drummer, two officers, eight rank and file. White smalls and green facings (and turnbacks, which, as Al Front has kindly pointed out, are not actually facings but something different altogether. Woops). It was a very strange experience painting these figures. I am used to high levels of detail, and this was basically 'colouring in' instead...

The regimental colour - the central disc is red with a golden 'M' under a crown, denoting a Royal or Guards regiment. Flag glued together with Rocket Glue and then gloss varnished before a determined crumpling to obscure any defects!

Olley Painting Points:
This Week: 17
October Total: 17
2012 Total: 62


  1. Excellent corsair and splendid Molgravians.can you tell us more about Molgravia and her army?

    1. I certainly will, my dear Duke. Expect more Molgravia-related drivel as I add troops to the Liebgarde and slowly build up the rest of the Molgravian Army over the coming months.