Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day

I have two battle reports to write up and post, which I promise to do as soon as possible. But, but, but..., on Father's Day, after delivering a present to Al Front and going to work, I did some painting:

A Stormtalon ground attack gunship from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 range. The Stormtalon is a relatively new kit, but it is my first of the 'flyers' which dominate 6th Edition. I enjoyed making this not-so-little flying brick, and have run around the flat making wooosh and other jet noises with wild abandon.

Its A-10 vibe was reinforced today when I watched Man of Steel, the latest Superman film. It's really rather good, and worth a watch. I am not a Superman fan normally - my comic tastes are much more European than American, and I prefer 2000AD to Marvel and people like Ted Rall and Joe Sacco to DC's output. But this film made me keen for more and if, as seems inevitable, a sequel is made, I will certainly watch it. Even if, by then, I do have to pay to see it!

But back to the Stormtalon. I was tempted to mask the canopy, but decided instead that a steady hand and keen eye would do just as well, and it seems to have worked. I painted it as a reward to myself after finishing:

...Captain Priam!

Captain Priam, Space Marine commander, leader of Strike Force Priam, C/O of the 2nd Battle Company, Righteous Fists, who has seen two battles and 'died' in both on the last turn. Hard as nails, though, with a 2+ armour save and a 4+ invulnerable save meaning that he has waded through more fire than it has taken to wipe out some of my Imperial Guard armies!

Painting Points: 6
2013 Total: 174 (113x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 4x tanks, 2x spaceships, 2x 28mm 'cavalry', 1x aircraft)

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  1. That is a very nice little flying thingy - sharp, and believable. Nicely painted too!