Thursday, 6 June 2013

Going Old School

This morning, I removed the old metal Razorback parts I've had since I was 11 (I got them in a swap with a schoolfriend) from their Fairy Power Spray bath, and gave them a good toothbrushing.

Then I rummaged around for my camouflaged, ex-Imperial Guard, ex-Lost and the Damned RH1N0, and started snapping bits off and cutting and scraping and gluing.

And before long, I had a Mk I Razorback infantry fighting vehicle to ferry my Righteous Fist Captain and his Command Squad around:

I have added an Imperial Guard (2nd Edition) searchlight and bulldozer blade, as well as a tow hook, communications pack, and various other parts from Guard tanks. The scrollwork on the front armourplate is from the more modern RH1N0 kit. You can probably spot that I have also paint stripped the standard bearer. He had three or four layers of paint on him and I could barely make out his eyes...!

This really is burrowing into the Unpainted Mountain, I've had some of these figures (unpainted) for years and years, and the Razorback parts have languished unloved for so long that I've lost the gunshield that once sat over the lascannon.

Tactical Dreadnought Armoured Space Marine, with personal heraldry, power fist, and storm bolter. Finished him today.

Painting Points: 1
2013 Total: 159 (108x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 3x tanks, 2x spaceships, 2x 28mm 'cavalry')


  1. 'I've had some of these figures (unpainted) for years and years...' Mmmmmm. What could I say?