Thursday, 4 February 2016

Necromunda Lunacy Continues (and some 40K stuff too)

I've been a busy chap of late:

This conversion has been waiting completion for about seven years. Maybe longer. I finally snapped last night and clipped away the remains of the grenadier's upper legs, filed both halves flat (ish) and applied green stuff and spare parts to create - ta-da - an Escher with grenade launcher!

 Ordo Xenos Inquisitor. His tabard thing reads "Death to the alien, abhor the alien" and then "The Emperor is God - The Voice of the Emperor - Victorious Wrath of the Emperor" (at least, it does in pidgin latin). He's a radical, really, his retinue has aliens and gene-altered humans in it.

 Parvassian Dragoon corporal seconded to the Inquisition. I kept this model when I sold the rest of my Steel Legion collection because I thought he was cool and would come in handy. So he has!

 Necromundan Hired Gun: underhive scum with two bolt pistols. I like the camo trousers and the way his trenchcoat came out.
And finally, a figure from the Rogue Trader days. I estimate this thing at about 28 years old; I think it was released in about 1987? Painted up to lead my next squad of Iron Warriors.

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