Thursday, 11 February 2016


Sorry I've been quiet. Struggling with life a little (OK, a lot). Anyway, enough of the doom 'n' gloom.

First of all, I've 'found' an awesome forum for players of Necromunda, Inquisitor/Inquisimunda, Mordheim, and Gorkamorka - Yaktribe! Go and set up an account if you haven't already got one (I suspect I'm late to the party).

 First of all, I finished that conversion. She looks really rather badass if you ask me, what with her Voodoo-inspired facepaint and her hazard-striped improvised shoulder armour. I see her as being a mentor to the younger members of the HellBitches, looking after them and trying to make sure they don't get slotted too early. Painting see-through clothing is haarrrrrd.

 And then a couple of days ago I thought "sod it, my Space Marine vehicles have been sat in the cupboard unloved for too long", dragged them out, and here's the result. The first one to get finished was the Razorback transport for my Techmarine and his servitors. Now as far as I can remember, the last edition in which they were 'officially' allowed to ride around in one of these was the 4th Edition Codex. But happily that's my favoured edition, so woo!

Then I had a crack at the old style 2nd Edition Predator Destructor, which came out rather nicely thank you very much. 

 And then I finished off the Whirlwind which I started working on... oooh... two years ago? Looks pretty nifty actually, although this probably isn't the best angle (but it is the business end of it).

And this is what's on my workbench. Rhino transports galore (oh, and Iron Warrior Khorne Bezerkers, and Tzeentchian cultists, and some - out of shot - Molgravians for my Molgravian project)! I do have a fourth one, but I got it (and all these other vehicles) second hand, and it had, er, rather a lot of battle damage. So if anyone happens to have any Rhino mk1 exhausts spare (two would do, four would be PERFECT), ideally with their curvy exhaust pipes intact... let me know. Please? Otherwise I'm going to have to source a whole new Rhino mk1!

Speaking of new vehicles, all that remains for my Righteous Fists to be complete are:

A Vindicator mk 1 with bulldozer blade.
A Land Speeder Storm for my second scout squad.
A standard Dreadnought to accompany my Venerable and Ironclad dreads.
A Land Raider mk2B from Forgeworld for my Terminators to ride in.
A squad of Scout Bikers, because they're cool, OK?
A squad of five Sternguard with a Razorback mk1 (with twin-linked lascannon ideally) to accompany my Librarian.

The list has grown a wee bit but there we are. It's not as much as it could be!

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