Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Last Escher... and more Iron Warriors

Well, I've really caught the Necromunda bug again. I've finally finished painting all the Escher figures I own (well, apart from the half-finished conversion of a Heavy with Grenade Launcher, but I need something like a dremel rotary tool to cut away some irritating metal parts before I can really think about finishing it), and have the last of my Goliaths on the painting table as I type.

In addition to that, I've finished (for the moment) all bar one of my Iron Warriors, giving me a pretty sizable army really. So I'm quite pleased with that. Anyway - pictures!

 Sister Silent in her new incarnation. She has given her plasma gun to Julie Romain (a recently promoted Juve who got the Specialist skill) and now totes a newly-purchased heavy stubber. This looks a lot like an MG-34 with a few extra bits...!

As-yet-unnamed models. The one on the left is probably going to be a Leader; in which case I may well call her Kat Wylde. The one on the right will end up being a promoted Juve, I expect.

Iron Warriors! These fellows bulk up the Techmarine's squad to its maximum size of 10 figures, giving me a squad dedicated to Slaanesh and another dedicated to Chaos Undivided. In the long run there'll be two more, one dedicated to Khorne (with flamers) and another dedicated to Nurgle (with meltas). Painting gold trim is tedious, but once it's done they are very quick to finish. The eagle-eyed among you may notice that none of them have the hazard striping that most Iron Warrior armies sport. This is because I think it looks silly and it is ridiculously hard to paint properly.

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