Friday, 29 April 2011

Aetherspace Connection Established: Void-Tansference Initiated

Or, in other words, I have internet access at home for the first time since December last year. Hurray!

In painting and modelling news, I have finished Da Ard Nutz and am currently working on a (very large) commission for a chap who appears to have decided to want to collect a couple of 1:1 ratio Roman Legions. Cue about a thousand or so 28mm Ancients to paint...!

GorkaMorka and the Gran Chaco War continue to infest my mind, so much so that I have declared an intention to run a GorkaMorka campaign at my local club, and am trying to save enough to purchase a second hand copy of Arthur English's Green Hell.

Now, before I bore you all with too many words, I will sign off and not return until I bring back photographs of Da Ard Nutz and some various other things I've painted since my hiatus began last year. Hopefully that'll be tonight or tomorrow morning.

Onwards - the future awaits!

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