Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Good Lord! Signs Of Life, Doctor!

Greetings! Well, with my last post occuring in August 2010, you'd be forgiven for thinking me dead, possessed, or otherwise out of action.

In reality, all that happened was that life put toy soldiers on the back burner for quite a while. I have been doing various bits and pieces, not least of which has been Dark Eldar related (more on those in another blog post). However, due to cashflow issues and time demand/supply - e.g. I demand x hours but am supplied with y hours instead, a highly unsatisfactory situation - I haven't been able to post about anything I've done for quite a while.

To give you all a brief update, I've been thinking long and hard about consolidating and cataloguing my array of projects and figures before I launch into any more. Note I said 'thinking', not 'doing', as while I was engaged in this Khurasan Miniatures had the gumption to release 15mm Gran Chaco War figures. Together with Peter Pig Assault Guards, QRF Vickers Type A and Type B models and Old Glory's Vickers Carden-Lloyd mk VI tankettes, a pleasantly sized Bolivian force can be easily built; the Paraguyans will need to comprise large numbers of the very nice Khurasan figures for now.

Anyway, I suppose what I'm getting at in this short and rather rambling post is that I'M BACK and daily updates will resume once again. Pictures will start coming back towards the end of the month, once I get my laptop back from the repair shop and once Sky connect the house to the interwebulatron.

In the meantime, I will be boring (or intriguing) you all with tales of my various projects and my need/want list(s). I trust you'll stick around, or at least come back for pictures...!

For now, I'm off back to work to try and fund some Khurasan purchases in the near future.

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