Sunday, 24 April 2011


Hail, devoted fans and fellow lunatics!

Recently I have been (re)inspired by that classic Games Workshop 'specialist' game: GORKAMORKA. A true fusion of brilliant games design, madness and comedy, Gorkamorka pits gangs of Orks, Grots, 'Oomie skum and Mutie terrors against each other on the blasted desert world of Angelis in the far distant and violent future.

It was the second Games Workshop game I played, in GW Oxford in the heady summer of 1997, aged 10. I had an absolute blast pushing my (then) Morka trukk around and yelling "DAKKA DAKKA" at the top of my lungs. My friend Tais and I also spent several weeks pretending we were the driver and gunner of a trukk, running about shouting things like "Oh no! We skid!" and crashing into walls, trees, each other, and parked cars.

So, in the spirit of my yoof, I bought a box of Grots and dug out some spare Orks, and am now in the process of painting two mobs: the dangerous and fearsome Grot Revolooshunaries 'Da Green Menace' and the well 'ard Gorka headcases known as 'Da Ard Nuts' because they wear helmets.

Now all I need are some vehicles... expect pictures of both Grots and Gorkas in the coming week.
Oh, and before I sign off, if you're interested in kikkin' 'eadz an' applyin' sum boot levva, try these links:

The Rulebook
The Other Book (mob lists, campaign rules etc)
The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site


  1. I hope you have great fun revisiting your yoof- I look forward to the piccies!
    best wishes

  2. Go for it!
    I was 11 when I got into GoMo and it's always stuck with me.

    Thank you for the link, by the way.
    The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site

  3. So looking forward to your updates !!!