Sunday, 17 April 2011

Foot, Meet Mouth

Me and my big mouth! "Back to daily updates yadda yadda" or not, as the case may be.

So, with a slight hiatus, I have not a lot to report: the Gran Chaco War idea has been gathering steam, and merely awaits the deployment of funds.

I had a good game of 40K 5th Edition with my mate A who used to live next door until we moved (again): his Blood Angels Successors against my Karaoudjani Kataphraktoi Veterans using one of the Battle Mission missions. I took four squads of 10 veterans in carapace armour, a Demolisher, and a Company Command Squad. He had a 'Death Star' unit of 10 Assault Marines led by a Reclusiarch, a Tac Squad in Rhino, a Predator Annihilator and a Combat Squadded Dev Squad. His 'Death Star' unit killed 27 figures all by itself for 9 casualties in return, mostly caused by shooting.

We're going to have a rematch - I'm thinking of fielding either a lot more armour, or a lot more infantry!

That's it for now, but the day is rapidly approaching when I'll be able to post pictures again. Onwards, to the new tomorrow!

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