Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Inquisitorial Business

I watched Django Unchained tonight, and thought it was brilliant. Not only was it a great film from Tarantino, but it fitted right in with Spaghetti Westerns of old (even if it is a 'Southern'). Superb acting from Waltz and DiCaprio, Foxx putting in a grand turn, and, well, Waltz stealing the show. Brilliant stuff. Made me want to produce Inquisitor characters based on Dr King Schultz and Django, not to mention the scarily violent Calvin Candie.

Anyway! Today I also finished the final - for now - member of Gideon Syme's warband, Hanna Laschalle. Which means that I am free from my bugbear of "current obsession" to do more than dab paint on the Confrontation commission. Expect to see some more Confrontation figures tomorrow.

Here, then, is Laschalle and the triumverate of Syme, Moritz and Laschalle:

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