Monday, 21 January 2013


In no particular order, some of the stuff I've done whilst being offline...
Grey Knights Dreadknight, painted waaaay back in 2011 when they were released.

Dark Eldar pain tokens and a member of the Archon's Court (the Gyrinx).

Dual-purpose Chaos Cultists: fit for a Word Bearers' army to play 6th Edition with, and also perfect for Necromunda. Fantastic models that paint up wonderfully well.

Hasslefree Miniatures' H4-ML37 (which I named) painted as an experimental US gene-eered soldier-hound. In powered armour. Of course! HOO-AH MARINES etcetera etcetera.

A special character from Rackham's Confrontation: Hybrid - the first completed part of my commission for J... more of those to come soon!

And, lastly, something I've had my eye out for for a long time:

It's the Cluedo dramatis personae! From this edition of the party favourite:

Sculpted, I think, by Mark Copplestone.
Painting Points:
January 2013: 13 28mm figures, 1 54mm figure = 18 PP.

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