Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Iron Within, Iron Without

Yipes! A whole week without updating - almost. Over the weekend I painted a whole squad of Iron Warrior Chaos Space Marines for the eBay shop, and today I carried on with more metal soldier types to join them...

 A 'tactical' squad of 10, led by an Aspiring Champion with combi-bolter, power fist and personal icon. The squad is equipped with bolters, and supported by a plasma gunner and an Iron Warrior with heavy bolter. Available here on my eBay shop for £35.

And today, I started work on my next project, which is something of a secret, but it has a lot to do with this:

Points for the first person to guess what I'm working on!

Painting Points: 10
2013 Total: 235 (151x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 9x vehicles, 2x spaceships, 3x 28mm cavalry, 1x flag)


  1. Well, it's a map of Westeros, so I am thinking Stark, Lannister or Night's Watch.. is there a prize ? :-)

  2. You're close! But no e-bananas yet ;)

  3. Ok, Wildlings, Cold Ones, Dorne, House Frey or King Robert Baratheon ;-) Might be more fun with Stannis and his Red Witch though...