Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ash Waste Nomads and More Iron Warriors

Straight in with the pictures today!

 The last two Juves and my "Come and 'ave a go!" ganger (amusingly armed with a lasrifle, making him ... not the best ... in close combat).

 The West Wall Raiders! This is one of every Ash Waste Nomad released by Games Workshop; ideally I'd like another complete set so I can have a few more weapon options for campaign play, but I'm not complaining. Just wishlisting.

 Blood for the Blood God! In the absence of Tamiya Clear Red, I extemporised with Dark Flesh, Khorne Red, Blood Red, and Flesh Wash, with a lot of stippling, and then a little bit of gloss varnish to make some areas look wet and sticky. This pleasant fellow will lead the Iron Warrior Bezerkers that I'm going to (eventually) get. More tea, vicar?

And the last three members of Anvil Squad; bringing them up to 10 Iron Warriors armed with boltguns and two plasma guns. I really like the way the mutant's head turned out, purple and pink are a good combination for Slaaneshi types.

Whatever happened to that retrospective? I dunno; I got painting or something. Next up are a mix of more Iron Warriors and more Necromunda stuff probably.


  1. I really regret not picking up some Ash Waste models when they were available; in particular I've always loved that sniper.

    I wonder how you'd best represent the ash wastes terrain while still keeping the essential character of Necromunda (multi-layered being vital?).

    1. I'd do a trading post, or a trade caravan, and have rocky/craggy terrain. Think of the scenes in Mad Max: Fury Road with the motorbike mounted gang and where Imperator Furiosa is trading the oil tank from the War Rig for free passage.

  2. Yeah. I also love the idea of some kind of dead city bathed in polluted ash, but I'm not sure how to produce that without bathing the kitchen table in asbestos and sulphates.

    There has to be a campaign idea somewhere in those ash waste models playing Imperial Guerillas on Armageddon.