Tuesday, 6 May 2014

"I Have You Now!"

Tonight JY and I played three games of X-Wing. I won the first, he won the second, and I won the third. I was right: it's easy to learn and hard to master. Having to try and work out where the enemy will be and where all your ships will be, and in what order, is hard.

Lord Vader survived all three games, and I think I've settled on a pretty solid list for my Black Squadron project:

Darth Vader in TIE Advanced X-1 with Cluster Missiles and Squad Leader
Black 2 (Mauler Mithel) in TIE with Marksman
Black 4 (Dark Curse) in TIE
Black 5 (Dzevan Halcek) in TIE with Determination
Black 6 in TIE

100 points spot on. Black 5 isn't a named character, but he did so well in my first game that I named him. He got shot down in the third game though (probably miffed that I'd swapped him out for Night Beast in game two).

Some photos from games 1 and 3 follow. I lost game 2 because the Rebel shuttle carrying the senator fled off the board before I could apply the coup de grace. Ah well, never mind!

 CH, ever the mature fellow, supplies a commentary on behalf of Han Solo towards the end of game 1.
 Moments later, the Falcon is critically hit (all turns and banks become red manoeuvres and give stress tokens. This is a bad thing)!
 "Surrender, rebel scum!" Han tries to pull the Falcon out of a tight spot, but... failed. Victory to Black Squadron!

The last shots of game three; Green 11 finally succumbing to the combined fire of Black 1, Black 2, Black 4 and Black 6. Pew pew pew indeed!

I'm going to get or make a star field playing surface too. Make the battles feel that little bit more cinematic and epic, I think.

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