Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Quantity Has A Quality All Of Its Own

I had another game of X-Wing tonight; my Black Squadron list against JY's 'All-Stars' X-Wings flown by Biggs Darklighter, Wedge Antilles and Garven Dreis (with various Astromechs, upgrades and Swarm Tactics).

Although we had to cut it short with the arrival of SB, LR, JF, and AC for Games Night, I'd shot down Biggs and Wedge in return for the loss of one of my Black Squadron pilots; and we declared an Imperial Victory. Black Squadron are now running an undefeated three game streak, which is interesting.

It's only early days, but it seems to me that having more ships is a much better advantage than having fewer, tougher ships. More ships gives you more attack dice, more movement options, better board coverage... the fire of four or five ships against one is much more of a threat than the fire of one or two against one.

I also won the game of Munchkin that we all played, after coming so close three times and dying (to a Plutonium Dragon). My Dwarf ended up with five arms, which is always good fun!

No photos for once, as I'm still suffering from having them randomly rotate 90 degrees. Hopefully tomorrow my last TIE fighter will arrive, enabling me to field either Black Squdron or Obsidian Squadron.

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