Monday, 26 May 2014

In The Empire's Name

Well, I've done it. Or at least, started it. I'm condensing my 40K stuff to a single basing scheme, and from now on my battles will be fought on a single, mostly desert, world. Name and story to be determined. I know that it produces promethium in vast algae-farms, it has a religious shrine of some importance, and is also a net exporter of food and mineral-glass as well as some luxury items.

What this means is that 2nd Edition 40K is going to be my go-to system for the forseeable future, and that any army that doesn't fit with this is going... including the Darendarans. I'm going to parcel out their tanks to the Rigellians and Drokharan Taureg Legion, and the leftovers are going to be sold on.

Money raised from this will probably go towards fuelling my X-Wing addiction, which has recently seen me expand my Imperial starfighter group by two more TIE/ln fighters and a Lambda-class shuttle:

Which has brought me up to eight TIE fighters, enabling me to field Academy Squadron. I'm aiming to get a full squadron of TIEs, supported by a bomber flight, interceptor flight, and an element each of Defenders and Phantoms. I'll only need the one Advanced (because it's Darth Vader's personal ship) and one Lambda, so really I'm not far off completing my little group and starting on the Rebels (for which I currently have one X-Wing).

I played a game of X-Wing against JY today; Scenario 6 from the Lambda class shuttle pack. This is part-way through the first turn's activation phase; my Omicron Group shuttle has headed over to a stranded Imperial ship to pick up the dignitaries while Black Squadron TIEs fly escort. I ended up winning (just), with only one ship lost on each side. The Lambda looks cool and flies very differently to everything else I have.

I'll be ordering a Firespray (Slave 1 - Boba Fett's ship) and another Interceptor later today, and then I'll put a stop to the madness until at least July as I'm off to Tunisia for a week with S, my partner, so that'll be taking the rest of June's disposable income!

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