Thursday, 15 May 2014

Learning By Error

Yesterday I played two games of X-Wing, primarily because yet another TIE fighter expansion and the first TIE Interceptor expansion arrived. The first was a training simulation with CH, the second was me and CH against JY's rebel scum.

I made a lot of illegal moves in the first game with Soontir Fel; I didn't realise that you couldn't do the same manoeuvre twice in a row and I did an awful lot of barrel rolling. Oops! I still lost, anyway. We played a 72 point game, with me taking Darth Vader and Soontir Fel, and CH flying six Academy Pilots. Fel got shot down and Vader was whittled down to just one hull point before flying into an asteroid. D'oh. There were some amazing examples of precision flying in that game though:

 Academy Squadron engages in some precision crashing. Here the frontmost Academy pilot has moved in from the right of picture, only for his comrade at the rear of the image to attempt to occupy quite literally exactly the same space!
 Moments later, Lord Vader, inspired by their heroic display of expert precision, himself flies alongside the hapless pilots.
The end. Darth Vader flies his TIE Advanced X1 into an asteroid to avoid the shame of being shot down by Academy cadets...

After that display of finesse from the Empire's finest, JY came over and we had a 160 point game. He took:

The Millenium Falcon flown by the Galaxy's smoothest man, Lando Calrissian, and crewed by  Luke Skywalker,
Tycho Celchu in an A-Wing with Assault Missiles
Green Squadron A-Wing with Assault Missiles
Rookie Squadron X-Wing
Rookie Squadron X-Wing

He had some other upgrades but I can't remember what they were.

I was flying:

Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, in TIE Advanced X1 with Shield Upgrade, Cluster Missiles and Marksman
Soontir Fel, Finest Pilot In The Navy, in TIE Interceptor with Push the Limit and Stealth Device

CH took:

Howlrunner in TIE
Night Beast in TIE
Winged Gundark in TIE
Obsidian Squadron TIE
Obsidian Squadron TIE
Obsidian Squadron TIE

 Deployment. Obsidian Squadron spreads out. L-R (Imperial): Fel, Vader, Howlrunner, Night Beast, Winged Gundark, O4, O5, O6. L-R (Rebel): Rookie, Rookie, Tycho, Lando, Green.
End turn 1. Fel and Vader zoom up the left flank, followed by Howlrunner, while Night Beast goes BOOM thanks to Tycho's Assault Missiles and Lando's shooting. 
End turn 2. Fel and Vader put paid to a Rookie with some help from Howlrunner, O4 gets it in the neck from the Falcon and Green Squadron, but several shields go down on the Rebel side.
End turn 3. The flights pass through each other. Winged Gundark goes down but more shields do too, particularly from the Falcon... and Green Squadron gets critically hit, preventing it from using its Assault Missiles!
 End Turn 4. The Rookie tries to get away while Tycho and Green Squadron end up out in the mix. 
End turn 5 (and end game, too, because apparently not everyone wanted to play X-Wing). Rookie got killed by Vader, who had just bumped into Tycho, and then everything else fired at the Falcon, putting it on just three Hull Points. At which point we called the game as an Imperial Victory. Hurrah!

After packing up, JY, CH, LR, JF, AC and I sat down to play Munchkin! Much stabbing in the face ensued, mostly of party members rather than monsters, before LR's High Elder Halfling Legendary Elite Cleric won by combined a filthy number of bonuses and using a Doppleganger card to defeat a collection of monsters with a total Combat Value of 43. Much fun was had by all!

 Munchkin (and ChessTime) in progress. Clockwise from the top of my head: JF, CH, AF, JY, LR.
Victory goes to LR! In the foreground you can see my Halfling Thief, riding his tiger (with plastic nun to make it immune from curses), wearing Mithril armour and equipped with a pike and foot mace. Not to mention the false beard...

A good afternoon and evening of playing games in excellent company.

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