Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Van Fysher's World

OK. I've been muttering a bit about the re-organisation and serious scaling down of my 40K projects from "ALL OF THE THINGS" to "a coherent story about the war of liberation for a single world during the Amalthean Crusade".

So, to that end, today I rummaged through my figure drawers and my army case and came up with the following (among other things):

Patrol Group Sierra-Five, Aderaband Province, Towyrran contintental landmass:

L-R: Aderaband Home Defence Militia section with their locally-built RH1N0 APC with searchlight and heavy stubber; High Mallain Yeomanry half-platoon (even further understrength!) with Chimera AIFVs; Suzerain's Lifeguard Regiment Sentinel with assault cannon.

I envisage the world as having two major continental land-masses (Adwyrran and Towyrran), with three oceans - the Northern Ocean, Southern Gulf (between the two continents) and the Vast Sea, which spans almost half the globe from Western Adwyrran to Eastern Towyrran. On this world, the Imperium of Man and the Tau Empire are engaged in a life and death struggle for control...

...while Chaos cults stir within the indentured mutant workforce's townships and camps...
...while the Tyranids scutter and devour on the far west of Adwyrran...
...while the perfidious Eldar (of all kinds) strike hither and thither, following seemingly no pattern...
...and the brutish Greenskins, drawn to war like moths to a flame (if moths were heat-proof and carried blowtorches), raid from their crash-landing in the northern mountains of Towyrran!

For me, the PDF, Arbites and Imperial Guard garrison troops (Skye's World I Light Infantry) are fighting a counter-insurgency campaign against Tau sympathisers, Ork raiders, Eldar pirates and Chaos cults in the hinterlands and rear areas, while the main force of Imperial power - the Space Marines, Guard and Sisters of Battle - bring the fight to the Tau on both Towyrran and Adwyrran.

I'm looking forwards to tying all my Imperial figures together and being able to tell stories within the overarching context of the Amalthean Crusade that I've spent years thinking about!

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