Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Hat-Trick

Today, after posting some things, I went into GW Solihull and sat down to paint. I put the finishing touches to my three test Darendarans (and jolly nice they look too), and put the base coats onto two Borithan Mechanised Rifle Regiment troopers who will be accompanying my Rigellian LIX into battle.

Then, when I came home, I had a copy of Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game and Awesome Level 9000 waiting for me! I was quite overcome with glee, frankly.

And then my friends and fellow pen-and-paper roleplayers, NV and NR came over to engage in Episode III of my Star Wars D20 campaign, Operation: KHALID. They successfully escaped a Seperatist trap and learnt a few things about themselves that, perhaps, they'd rather not have done. Much fun was had by all.

In the foreground, Eris, Jedi Guardian, has just slain the Sith Acolyte Narshan with a vibrosword plunged through his heart! Unfortunately, Narshan was not, despite his terrifying reveal, the real danger...

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