Sunday, 13 April 2014

Iorek The Unconscious

Saturday was an eventful day. I picked up my copy of the new Codex: Imperial Guard (and Order cards, which will hopefully remind me that I have to give orders at the start of the shooting phase), and began to read it with glee. Then when I got home, it was time for Dragon Age again!

Run by AC, the party consists of Ferryman, an apostate mage, Widget, a city elf rogue-type, and myself, Iorek the Shamed, a dwarf from Kal Sharok who's determined to die a glorious death... and isn't above a spot of criminality, banditry and gold-gathering in the meantime.

We started off by having to try and negotiate a chasm. My first idea - to have Widget use her bow to fire a rope line across the 36 foot gap, then cross and secure it so we could all follow - failed. So then I cut down a tree, and, after falling off it myself (thank the ancestors for safety lines!), and securing it with chocks and ingenuity, we made it across in (mostly) one piece.

Then we hatched a plot with the NPC sorceress who's along for the ride to make some quick gold on top of the money we're going to get for the job we're doing at the moment - escorting some lordling's kiddiewinkies back home safe - and plunged on into, firstly, a Blight Owl, which is an owl the size of a bulldog with chainblades for a face, or something, I don't know, I was just shocked that it was dealing any appreciable damage to my armed and armoured dwarf; and then into a proper combat encounter between three Genlocks (demon footsoldiers), a Hurlock (bigger, tougher, angrier demonic footsoldier) and two Blight Wolves (demon wolves) on the one hand, and our party, two surviving bodyguards and the bloody children on the other.

Fighting the Blight Owl! L-R: Sorceress, Iorek, Ferryman, Widget (in a tree), Blight Owl*

Iorek, so far, has weathered the blows of Hurlocks, Genlocks, Blight Owls, mercenaries, bandits and even a wizard. Iorek has personally killed three Hurlocks, two Genlocks, three bandits, a dog, and a wizard, with his axe. I was feeling confident as I waded into combat with an injured Hurlock.

Then the damn thing smacked Iorek so hard in the face (triple 6 on 3d6 +3 damage = 21 damage, -5 for my armour - 16 damage) that I dropped to 0 hit points, and fell over, unconscious and dying!


Luckily the sorceress managed to stabilise me and get me on my feet again, then Ferryman cast some magic and knitted my broken bones and shattered teeth back together, and I got my revenge by hacking a Genlock down and ending the combat.

But still. I'm even more keen than ever to get hold of that suit of better armour that's being made for me by the blacksmith back at Stenholm...

* Note: Blight Owl represented by a half-demon barbarian warrior with flaming sword. I suspect this is why it did so well.

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