Friday, 11 April 2014

Victory Over The Cylon

A couple of hectic days have prevented me from updating as often as I'd've liked, but it does mean extra pictures now, so there we go.

On Wednesday evening, the usual crowd (NV, NR, AC, S and I) gathered at mine for a game of Battlestar Galactica. I played Admiral Adama, NV was Starbuck, NR was Tom Zarek, S was Boomer and AC was President Roslin.

I was a Cylon from the off, and all was going well (and nuclear) until NV got to look at my loyalty card, and then spend the rest of the game advertising the fact that I was a Cylon. D'oh. I eventually came out as a Cylon, and then spent several turns being vaguely frustrated that the other Cylon wasn't revealing themselves. It turned out to be S, who exposed herself about three turns too late and we lost. Booo hiss, human victory!

 Admiral Adama reveals himself to be a Cylon after a counter-coup removes the Presidency from him. Oh well. At least he got to use the nuclear missiles!

The painted spaceships really added to the game, which was fantastic. Speaking of painted; I also finished the command squad for my Darendarans:

L-R: Medic (note green armband with winged double helix), vox-specialist, Captain Petretsenko Madupvitc (wearing part of his dress uniform - hussar's pelise and fur hat!); lascannon AT team.

Currently in the painting lineup are the rest of the mortar squad, and a Techpriest Engineseer.

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