Tuesday, 1 April 2014


OK, so this has been a long time coming.

I've painted a lot this year, but I haven't documented much, if any, of it. But that's alright, meine lieblings, as now - we begin anew!

Today I received in the post this fine little fellow in his egg-on-legs fighting machine:

 Sentinel scout walker with multi-laser (or assault cannon with the ammo feeding up from within the nose).

 With the platoon sergeant for scale.

Platoon medical officer with his shotgun. A conversion using modern tank crew arms, a Necromunda shotgun and the 1980s vintage medic figure!

This chap will go with my tiny Rogue Trader era Imperial Army force (the Syrtis 72nd/Mercian Yeomanry). I am hoping to bring it "up" to a tiny patrol force - 25 men, the sentinel, and perhaps a jetbike or even a landspeeder if I can find such a thing!

But, crazy long-term projects aside, the much-anticipated (at least by me) release of the 6th Edition Codex: Imperial Guard* has spurred me on to try and get at least one of my five Guard armies finished.

In order of 'completeness' they are:

FIBUA: Parvassian 9th Dragoons - "just" need painting,
Ice World: Darendaran 10th Mechanised - three rocket launcher teams, a vox-man, and a Demolisher to get (then paint),
Temperate: Rigellian 59th Motorised - four of the new Taurox APCs, and a hunt for my old RH1N0 to use as a command vehicle, plus a Chimera, are required for this lot,
Desert: Drokharan Taureg Legion, 7th Ashkar - not entirely sure what's needed, but painting them would help;
Jungle: 5th Amalgamated Regiment - the least developed of the lot! Needs lots of infantry, not to mention the Ogryns.

I also want a Valkyrie (to be assigned to whatever army needs it during games - it's Imperial Navy after all), and a squad of the new Stormtroopers too.

At the moment, because obviously working on the easiest to complete army is a damn fool thing to do, I'm developing a new paint scheme for the Darendarans. And, incredibly, I'm writing down the steps. Which means I can replicate it forever! Hurrah!

Now, it's very late, and I need to go to bed. So I will. Expect an update before the week's out, with pictures of Darendarans...

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