Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fire For Effect!

Today, after what seemed like hours and hours of struggling, I finished the last two mortar teams for the Darendaran X Mechanised. This now gives me 11 painted men... out of 88*. Next!

 Mortar squad, Red (1) Platoon, Yellow (3) Company, Black (2) Battalion, Darendaran X Mechanised.
And, of course, while photographing them, I realised I'd not painted the winged skull on the last mortar gold, nor had I added the Darendaran 'Imperator Aegis' patch on the left arm of the guardsman firing his lasrifle. Bah! Humbug! I shall rectify these errors... later. Probably around the time I go through the squads adding NCO stripes. For now, they can remain.

Next up will be Red Platoon's command squad. And maybe the combat egg. I should probably start counting painting points again actually - I'll start with the HQ group from earlier and carry on from there.

Painting Points:
This Week: 6
2014 Total: 11

* It'll end up being more than 88, I still need to get their priest and psyker. And (re)base an Inquisitor and her retinue.

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