Monday, 7 April 2014

One Long Weekend Later

So on Saturday I picked up (from work) a parcel containing three Chimeras for my second Darendaran platoon. Two small conversions are required to give two of them hull mounted heavy bolters. The third requires a bit more work - Forgeworld no longer sell the Chimera Heavy Flamer turret that they used to, so I'm going to have to convert one. Which is a bit of a pain. Ah well!

Pictures of those'll be up later I think. I've also paint stripped the company command squad and the rest of Red Platoon's mortar squad. I'm aiming to undercoat them today and try and start painting them too.

On Saturday it was International Tabletop Day, and I hosted a small games night after work - AC, his wife JC, JY and his brother OY, and our friend L all came over and we played Battlestar Galactica: The Boardgame, which the Cylons (who turned out to be AC, JC and OY) won comfortably. It's a very good game indeed, with lots of paranoia and double-bluffing and triple-guessing. I think we could have made a better showing as the humans if we'd picked our characters a bit more sensibly... and if we hadn't had the Armoury knocked out just as the Cylons got a boarding party of Centurions on board!

Early on - I think turn 1 probably. Not long after this was taken we sent President Baltar (JC) to the brig because we were pretty sure she was a Cylon. We were half-right; she turned out to be a Sympathiser. Damn toasters!

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