Monday, 7 April 2014

Of Starbuck And Apollo

I am a notoriously slow painter. This rep has not been helped by my six-month-long possession of the figures for JY's Rackham boardgame (which we've still not played). So when, today, JY bet me his house that I wouldn't finish painting the Raptors, Vipers, Raiders and Heavy Raiders from the BSG boardgame - and bearing in mind I hadn't even undercoated them at this stage - I took him up on it.

Top-Bottom: Raptor scouts (Tau Sept Ochre over Chaos Black), Viper mk II fighters (Ceramite White and Mephiston Red over Chaos Black), Heavy Raiders and Raiders (Ironbreaker Metal? over Chaos Black, with Mephiston Red eyes on the Raiders).

I guess you owe me your house now JY...

In other news, I also gave the three Chimeras a bit of TLC, bringing them (almost) to the stage where I can paint them. I need to liberally coat them in stowage and a bit of camo netting to cover up some bits where the previous owner's been a bit happy with the glue, and the third one needs its turret gun - but I'm hoping to pick one up tomorrow from the Leamington Games Club, so that's not worrying me too much.

I'll supply pictures of those tomorrow. I also finally undercoated my lone Techpriest Engineseer in preparation for the new Codex (I'm probably going to put him in with the Darendarans, as they have a preponderance of vehicles), and undercoated the Company Command Squad and the rest of the Mortar Squad too. I'll be starting the Company Command Squad tomorrow on my lunchbreak.

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