Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Another Post?

Yes, something approaching normal service has begun. Today was Al Front's birthday; I got him a copy of David Beauchard's graphic novel Black Paths, about an ex-Arditi man in Fiume with D'Annunzio, and my partner got him an Airfix Gladiator I. Hopefully the Gladiator will show up on his blog in the future.

Today I received some more little metal soldiers in the post:

A Valhallan Heavy Bolter team (who were mint in blister when they arrived from Sweden!) courtesy of fellow Warseer forumite SDKFZ, now destined for the Darendaran X Mechanised.

A Valhallan sergeant from eBay, who'll soon have his bolt pistol replaced with an autopistol before he takes command of a squad of Darendarans.

And... from the foundries of Ground Zero Games... the last figures needed for my European Federation Armed Forces infantry platoon!

Oh, and I also finished painting my test models for the Darendarans. Well, I say finished - I need to paint the nosecone on the mortar shell red (for fragmentation) and I'm still umming and ahhing over whether or not to give them Medusa V patches. They fought well for me in Battle Zone Edethor during Op. Rolling Thunder (winning me the Macharian Cross and the Star of Terra), and I feel the need to commemorate their role in that with the patches - golden shields (Battle Group Imperators Aegis) with black swords (Army Group Gladius).

A few more models down; the lead mountain shrinks again...!


  1. The lead mountain shrinks?Only to rise once more soon I am sure...

    1. Probably. The main reason it's been shrinking is I've been selling figures faster than I'm buying them, trying to consolidate my collection and make it a bit more manageable!

  2. We want more egg walker machiney things! WE WANT MORE EGG WALKER THINGY MACHINES!!!