Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fruits Of My Labours

Today I spent building figures. First of all I constructed the contents of a box of Plastic Soldier Company Red Army - finding that it makes a wonderful platoon for Bolt Action - then, whilst undercoating those, I built the Flames of War US Paratroop Platoon that I bought at the club on Tuesday. Then, once they were done, I constructed a Rhino APC, five Dark Angels Space Marines, a Deathwing Terminator, and a Dark Angel Librarian. I suspect I'll be selling all of these, so if you fancy some Bolt Action, Flames of War, or Dark Angels, keep an eye out here and on my eBay shop.

The Red Army platoon comprises one 'assault' squad of NCO with 7 men including a DP LMG team. The remainder of the squad are armed with PPsH SMGs (all with the 71-round drum mag); two 11- strong squads of men with DP LMGs, 3 SMGs, and Moisin-Nagant rifles; and a 'conscript' squad of 11 soldiers with a DP and one SMG. The whole is led by a Lieutenant with a runner, accompanied by a female medic with a guard, and a political officer. The figures are lovely - a bit simple by Perry or Warlord plastic standards, but they look great and should be a treat to paint up.

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