Sunday, 5 May 2013

Planning - I Really Should Try It

So today I took a deep breath and spent a few pounds on getting hold of the 'Jedi Elf' and Kislev Ranger from Games Workshop. I thought about picking up some Van Saar or a Valhallan Heavy Bolter team, but decided against it. I couldn't afford them, and besides, eBay and trading forums will provide for my Guard and eBay needs I should think.

Some of you may remember when (some years ago now) I posted pictures of two High Elves for Mordheim: one in a cloak with a big sword, another in full armour with a sword and shield. Together with the Elf Mage and Kislev Ranger, they are going to be the core of a Shadow Elf warband. Which will be my third Mordheim warband, after the Mordheim City Watch (Reiklanders) and Blood Dragon Vampire undead one (with lots of zombies and human Dregs). Actually, thinking about it, I started a Marienburg one as well. So fourth warband.

Anyway, enough rambling! I am about to plan. With the demise of Specialist Games, and Collectors' stuff, I finally got off my procrastination-box and finalised the Imperial armies I will eventually have completed for 40K, broken down by combat zone:

Rigellian LIX Infantry (2nd Edition Cadian figures)
Order of the Pure Blood (Sisters of Battle)/Ordo Hereticus

5th Amalgamated Regiment (metal and plastic Catachans, Gaunt's Ghosts, various figures)
Space Wolves
Deathwatch/Ordo Xenos

Darendaran X Mechanised (2nd Edition Valhallan figures)
Adeptus Mechanicus (mostly conversions I reckon - this'll be a time intensive project)

CULFOR (2nd Edition Mordian, Tallarn and Praetorian figures)
Righteous Fists
Grey Knights/Ordo Malleus

Parvassian 9th Dragoons (3rd Edition Armageddon Steel Legion figures)
Black Templars
Adeptus Arbites (2nd Edition Arbites figures and 'new' Necromunda Enforcers)

A mere 15 armies! I actually have two of those almost entirely completed, and the rest are in various stages of progression... some just ideas, for now, but still.

That - together with my 'hard' SF, AK47, Imagi-Nations, Necromunda, Mordheim, and Warhammer army goals should keep me busy well into my mid 30s. At least. Here's to reigning in the butterfly!

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