Saturday, 4 May 2013


First of all, some bad news. Games Workshop is discontinuing its Specialist Games and Collectors ranges - what they currently hold in stock is all there is; there will be no more made and as they sell out items will become 'No Longer Available'. Personally, I am really saddened about the loss of the Imperial Guard Collector's Ranges - already the Praetorians are entirely gone, but now the Valhallans, Mordians, Tallarn, and characters like Nork Deddog, Lord Solar Macharius, Gaunt's Ghosts and Schaeffer's Last Chancers are all on the way out.

For me, this means - realistically - the final death of my grand, mad, scheme to collect a full army of every range of Guard Games Workshop has ever made. I am lucky in that I already have 1,500 points or more of Valhallans and Armageddon Steel Legion, but the Valhallans could really do with some Heavy Bolter teams. My Tallarn figures (known in my service as the Drokharan Taureg Legion) will probably be reduced to a reinforced platoon, supplemented by similarly sized units of Mordians and Praetorians as and when I can find or afford them.

More and more Games Workshop are pushing me back to 2nd Edition 40K and rules sets like Tomorrow's War and Stargrunt II (or even DropWing). As far as the Specialist Games ranges go, my Inquisitor warbands will probably never be completed without a lot of eBay hunting or bring-and-buy trawling, and the Necromunda Project has just become even harder. Mordheim doesn't bother me so much, although I would like to pick up the 'Jedi Elf' and Kislev Ranger for my Shadow Elf warband idea. And the Beastmen Warband is home to some brilliantly characterful models.

So sad times really. On one level, it isn't a surprise - ever since the Bitz Service ended in 2006/7, and they stopped casting models to order, the writing's been on the wall. It's just a shame - I got into Epic 40,000 not long after starting 2nd Edition 40K, and the first White Dwarf I ever bought was the release issue for Necromunda. I have played every Specialist Game they produced with the exception of Bommers Over The Sulfur River (anyone remember that?) and Warmaster, and loved them all. Even Blood Bowl.

I shall raise my glass to them, and to those of you lucky enough to get what you want - wassail!

On a happier note, I notice that I have a few new friends! Welcome, and I hope you enjoy my meanderings, self-promotion, and poorly-photographed toys.

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