Thursday, 9 May 2013

So, About That Plan

Well, today I spent (among other things) painting a Dark Angels Rhino APC for sale through my eBay shop, and making a start on a squad of Deathwing Terminators... which I wanted to sell... but then I decided actually I could really do with a Deathwing army again. The models are so beautiful - wonderfully detailed and full of character (well, as much character as 9' tall personality-devoided massively armoured superhuman genetically engineered warrior-monks can have anyway) that I just can't resist them. Besides which, it'd only be a small project, a few squads, maybe a Dreadnought or two, a Land Raider perhaps...


Anyway, pictures!


The RH1N0 'Rhino' APC - the first time I've used waterslide transfers in a long time. Markings taken from the Space Marine Transfer Sheet and the Baneblade Transfer Sheet. I really think that not highlighting tanks this big is the way to go. Quite happy with the chipping effect - understated but  effective; same with the dusty weathering. Available for £35 here on my eBay shop!

Very definitely 'tabletop standard' but they look good enough for me. I haven't based them yet as, frankly, I want to base the whole army in one go. These are the Terminators from the Dark Vengeance set and I plan (ha!) on adding to them with the really ace Deathwing Command Squad and Deathwing Knights boxes to make more Terminators in the same vein. I think I will stick to a 1500 point army or so, which should be around four squads of Terminators plus Belial and either a Land Raider or a Dreadnought or two. Fairly small but really powerful on the field if my old Deathwing army was anything to go by!

Painting Points: 7
2013 Total: 129 (84x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 3x tanks)