Friday, 24 May 2013

Righteous Fists, Righteous Fury

So I've not posted for a few days. I have actually been productive - a couple of cheap eBay purchases turned up, and I've painted up a few more Marines as well as rescuing some old ones from my bits boxes.

Chaplain Maeon with jump pack. This figure has been in my collection for years; I remember painting him in the late 1990s or early 2000s. I found him with his arm missing and backpack broken off. At first I glued both back on, but then I realised that actually he would work best in game with a jump pack so he could keep up with my Assault Marines. So Maeon re-equipped, got rebased, and is now ready to smite the Emperor's foes once again!

Sergeant Plato and Brother Volin. Volin's left pauldron is awaiting either a waterslide transfer or a painted on fist (I tried to paint one on but it went so wrong that I covered it over in shame). These are some of the first Marines I've painted for about a decade. It's strange how time flies; I first started properly painting and collecting Games Workshop stuff in 1996, but had been interested since 1995 when Al Front bought me a box of Dwarves (and my mum later got me some Black Orcs when I was ill with the flu). My first White Dwarf - 195 - was the release issue for Necromunda. I've been playing with GW toys ever since and that means it's nearly 20 years. I routinely see players and painters who are better at both than I am and who are much, much younger. I am looking forwards to seeing my own son, hopefully, pick up a paintbrush in the next year or two.

Captain Priam's command squad. Again, mostly figures I've had for over a decade. I bought Priam - actually the Crimson Fists Chapter Master figure - when he was released and the Rogue Trader communications Marine (Brother Orinoco!) was an eBay purchase last week. His base tab was stamped GW 1987! The addition of a new backpack and servo-skull make him look the part. Again, these are mostly rescues - figures who had been primed but were now missing parts, figures who have been started but never finished. This way they get a new lease of life and may well see action!

eBay purchases! Orinoco, a classic Sisters of Battle RH1N0 (needs new guns) which will be my Canoness's ride, and a classic metal Catachan sergeant for my jungle/swamp fighter Guard army. The RH1N0 made me so happy when it arrived I can't really explain it. It was just so nice seeing one like it again!

Tactical Squad IV 'Rhesus' led by Sergeant Rhesus and equipped with plasma weaponry for AP2 anti-heavy infantry work. Again note the mix of bare plastic, undercoated, and basecoated Marines. Rescues ahoy!

Painting Points: 2
2013 Total: 142 (97x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 3x tanks)

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