Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Angry Eggs, Blue Space Elves, And St George

Happy St George's Day!

Today and yesterday were actually quite productive. Well, sort of. I am tantalisingly close to making my first order as a retailer of toy soldiers (wahoo!) and have an idea of the sort of website I want for Dragon's Hoard. I also posted the Nemesis Dreadknight to its new owner.

In terms of actual painting...

This is the Powered Armour squad from Force Generica: four of Ground Zero Games' Oceanic Union 'eggs on legs' PA suits, and their 6x6 wheeled APC's driver. The squad contains two troopers with rotary support MGs and manipulator hands, one trooper with 9 one-shot guided AT rockets, and a squad leader with C3/EW package and two standard high-powered large caliber semi-automatic weapons.

Which now means that Squad 1 and the four troopers of the Command/Recon Squad on their hover bikes are all that's left of the infantry component of Force Generica - then it's on to the command jeep, the APC, and the two remaining trucks.

In other news...

Biel-Tan Eldar: Dire Avenger Aspect Warriors! £15 for five! Buy 'em now at my eBay shop!

Painting Points: 5
2013 Total: 118 (78x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 2x tanks)

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