Saturday, 20 April 2013

Force Generica Rolls On

I have slowed my painting of stuff for ATP's eBay shop, mainly because I've been sorting things out for Dragon's Hoard and trying to drum up more business for that venture. I have also been trying to sort out things on ATP's Facebook page (please 'like' if you do!) so I haven't had that much time to paint the Black Legion that are staring threateningly at me from my painting table.

However, because they're nice and simple to paint, I have finished off some more of Force Generica:

2nd Squad, Red Platoon, Yellow Company - the squad's truck driver is on the far right, while the two three-person fireteams are shown together. All wear the khaki-green and grey armour of GENFOR. I am tempted to paint the command section (or at least the platoon CO) in camouflage fatigues to show that this lot are low down the priority list for anything more than basic kit.

I also painted the driver for 3rd Squad:

The driver can be seen stood between the 'support' and 'maneuver' fireteams led, respectively, by a lance-corporal and a corporal. Ideally the maneuver fireteam would also have a grenade launcher but as this is a reserve formation they have to make do with small arms.

Were this a 'proper' Slammers infantry unit then they'd all have 2cm powerguns, and they'd be supported by a tribarrel 2cm machine-gun on a 'combat jeep'. But they're not, so it's grit and determination instead!

Painting Points: 8
2013 Total: 110 (70x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 2x tanks)

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