Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Last night I went over to the Leamington Games Club to hang out, chew the fat, and watch people playing games (as well as try to drum up business for Dragon's Hoard). It was good to see the usual crowd again after quite a long absence, and I watched a few good games, too. I also decided to throw my hat in the ring for a Dark Heresy pen-and-paper roleplaying game campaign that one of the club members is going to run.

So I have been perusing my rulebook and have decided to play a Hive World Scummer - Darling of the HellBitches, no less! Armed with a shotgun, autopistol, and her underhive smarts, she'll be more than a match for the effete fops and dandies of the rarified investigations of the Inquisition... I hope. Watch this space for more on her and her story later.

Massively unforgiving close-up of Darling.
Ah, I'm going to have fun blasting heretics, mutants and aliens with her and her shotgun!

In addition, I recently found, a website that has almost 7,000 computer games from the 1980s to early 2000s which can be downloaded for a ridiculously nominal fee. I paid £4.03 and got Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far, Populous: The Beginning, and Dracula: Reign of Terror. These were all games that I played endlessly in my youth (along with such gems as Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Age of Wonders), and which I haven't played - for one reason or another - for years.

Suffice it to say that Operation Market Garden is taking up much of my time at the moment...

...oh yes, and I am painting Al Front's allotment shed for him.

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