Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Religious Psychics? Harrassment And Interdiction Fire!

A potentially confusing title now I'm writing the post to go with it, but hey ho. Last night I finally finished the Grey Knight Terminator Squad I've been sitting on for a while, despite a moment of gut-wrenching, heart-stopping, scream-into-your-pillow frustration. The very last figure, fully painted, was about to be based. I had begun to apply brown paint to the base to take the sand. Then I dropped him. The back banner snapped off! ARGH! Then when I picked him up, I forgot I had the brush in my mouth, and smeared brown paint all over his silver left arm.

Much rage was had. But despite my worst fears, the damage was easily repairable! Hurrah! And you can see the fruits of my labours below:

So that takes care of the religious psychics. This lot - led by a Justicar with a Nemesis Daemon Hammer and equipped with storm bolters, Nemesis Force Halberds and an Incinerator - are available here on my eBay shop for £48 including P&P.

But what on earth do I mean by harrassment and interdiction fire? Well, H&I fire missions were widely used during the Vietnam war to attack the Ho Chi Minh trail and known areas of VC/NVA activity, and such missions were carried out by batteries of 105mm howitzers located in firebases all over the country. Batteries like this one:

This battery of Peter Pig 105s is available here on my eBay shop for £23 including P&P.

In addition to those, I also put all my North Vietnamese Army and various VC-related units up for sale:

Civilian casualties (something for the Free World Forces to avoid, probably) and objective markers - including tunnel entrances - available for £15 here on my eBay shop.

The infamous NVA platoon, with the two scratch-built hidden bunkers typical of the log-and-undergrowth construction found throughout the jungles of Vietnam. Available for £30 here on my eBay shop.

You've seen them before, but now you can buy them: VC porters carrying supplies for the revolution! Available here on my eBay shop for £10.

And that's it - Force Generica's 1 Squad and vehicles are still waiting attention, sadly, and I am currently building up some Plastic Soldier Company 28mm Red Army figures for Bolt Action. Still, at least I got paint to figure!

Painting Points: 4
2013 Total: 122 (82x 28mm, 2x 54mm, 2x tanks)

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